Join our NanoFab community by signing up to receive our newsletter, get updates on seminars and workshops, and keep up with our newest blog posts. Contact Jacob Trevino if you are interested in touring the facility, discussing a potential project or just curious about nanotechnology and its applications. Below summarizes the various ways you can utilize the facility and its many resources. 


Onsite Usage

NanoFab staff will provide hands on training in the cleanroom for your employees, free of charge. In this model, your staff process all devices and are billed based on published hourly equipment rates.

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Remote Processing

NanoFab staff perform the fabrication of devices for you based on a best-effort, time, and materials cost reimbursement basis that includes the pro-rated hourly equipment plus engineering rate.

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Sponsored Research

CUNY students perform the fabrication/development of devices collaboratively with your team under the terms of a sponsored research agreement. Projects are customized to fit the needs of the company and provide a unique experience for students.